Men's Suits New-in

This season is the season to suit up! Presenting an exclusive collection of Suits, Blazers and Waistcoats for you!

How to Style Blazers & Suits

As suit is what you wear if you want to dress like a man as opposed to an overgrown child. Whether it is your expected work uniform or you just choose to look good, suits, blazers and jackets are the cornerstone of the well dressed man's wardrobe.

Slim Fit

A slim fit suit is a strong modern look. Less is more, and these suits will aim for an understated elegance. Slim fit suits vary in style from the more traditional slim fit suitable to the more extreme skinny fit looks for those looking to make a statement.

Regular Fit

For some body shapes the more relaxed regular fit might look better. By making the shoulders appear broader and the waist slimmer a suit in this style creates a very flattering silhouette. A regular fit suit is a timeless classic look for a reason - it just works.

How to style a Blazer

The beauty of the blazer is that it is so versatile. A well fitting blazer will look great with just about any outfit, and pairs as well with a button-down shirt as it does a plain white T-Shirt. The blazer is a fashion chameleon, blending into any company. With a blazer you can always look smart while never looking overdressed.